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Tuesday, 21 November 2006
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Frequently Asked Questions FOR THE CITIZENRY


How do I....?


» adopt a child in the Philippines (local and inter-country)?

» apply for Alien Employment Permit?

» get info on Airline Flight Schedule? (Arrival and Departure)

» do Business in the Philippines?


» obtain Civil Registration copies/certifications? (Birth/Death/Marriage/Adoption/Legitimation/Dissolution of Marriage/Record of No Marriage)


» apply for a Philippine Copyright?


» organize a Cooperative?


» apply for a Driver's License?


» apply for a Dual Citizenship? (note:   as a rule, Germany does not allow dual citizenship)


» get/download Government Forms?


» get list of Hotlines/SMS of Government Institutions


» become an Immigrant?


» find Job opportunities in Government?


» get info regarding Labor in the Philippines?


» find important Listings of...


» get info regarding Marriage in the Philippines?


» avail of Medical Assistance for Indigents


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